Syllabus Plus, we make everyone to understand that, Engineering is about using science to find Creative and Practical Solutions. And it is a noble Profession.

Syllabus Plus a path finder!

It is Amazing! India produces 3 - 4 lakh Engineering Graduates an Year. You are one in that who chose Syllabus Plus to power your future.

Why Syllabus Plus

We help individuals to excel in their performance through improved productivity and effectiveness aligning with present corporate requirements. We provide a measurable return on training investment by increased campus placement. We assess core competencies of employees against their job, identify the gap and train them. This helps in retaining training effectiveness across organization. We provide centralized managerial and administrative support services. A team of learning experts will ensure that the training solution is smoothly implemented.

Training Methodology

At Syllabus Plus, we use standard models from American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Pre-Training Support

We do recommend all our customers to undergo a pre-assessment test which helps them to identify their present level in core competencies. And learning sessions can be decided in line with present requirements.

Post Training Support

At Syllabus Plus, We do post training assessment which provides accurate data on competencies improvement. And we do assess our delegates after 30 days of training in order to retain training connect.

Events – July – August

(Tubular Chassis for Quad Bike)                                                                                (250 cc – Quad Bike)  Read More

Events – June 2017